Terms And Condition


Bail Terms and Conditions

As Defendant and Indemnitor, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions until the bond(s) are fully satisfied and or exonerated:

  • Defendant is required to report to the office within 24 hours of his/her release from Refusal to do so may result in bond surrender and return to jail.
  • Msheria shall have control and jurisdiction over the defendant for the duration of the bond and shall have the right to apprehend, arrest, and surrender the defendant to the proper officials at any time as provided by the
  • Defendant must report on the check in line Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Defendant must visit the office once a week to check
  • Defendant must obtain permission to leave the county or state from Msheria, as well as the
  • Notify Msheria of any changes to:  Address, phone numbers, job, court
  • Defendant agrees to attend all court dates, commit no acts that result or could result in a arrest, commit no acts which constitutes reasonable evidence of defendants intention to cause a forfeiture of the bond, agree to report to the office at any time
  • Should there be a breach in contract, any collateral may be forfeited and sold to cover any fees or expenses incurred on the defendants
  • In the event defendant is re-arrested and/or surrendered to the authorities by Msheria, defendant and indemnitor shall pay a minimum fee of $300.00. Indemnitor and defendant are responsible, but not limited to, 10% of the bond, plus cost or liabilities arising from such re-arrest and/or
  • All storage and lien fees are to be paid
  • Each court appearance by an agent will result in a minimum charge of Kshs 00.
  • If all the necessary paperwork is completed and it is refused by the local police department, city jail or court a fee of Kshs 00 will be charged. If bond has been posted and the defendant is released by any other means, the bond remains in effect, with no refund of premiums paid, nor can the collateral be released until the bond(s) are exonerated.
  • All storage fees, cost, and liabilities must be paid in full before collateral is No collateral will be released without proof of exoneration of bond and collateral receipt. 24 hour notice is required to retrieve collateral.
  • Collateral may be sold at public auction 15 days from date of exoneration/contract breach to satisfy accumulated expenses/fees unless paid in full or other arrangements are