Msheria  is a stable and respected financial services brand that has continued to use technology to develop valued propositions to meet the aspirations of her customers.

Msheria aspires to be a respected financial services business in Africa, built on a strong foundation based on our reputation for innovation; and our reputation for service to our existing corporate and personal customers which is second to none in our present markets. It is against this backdrop that we understood the value of partnering to create a solution which will change the way Kenya and rest of the world interfaces with the wider public to deliver financial solutions. M-Sheria gives the platform to offer a much needed service to all market segments through mobile centric banking services.

What Is M-Sheria

M-Sheria coined from a Swahili word that means mobile law is a revolutionary product set to change the lives of millions of Kenyans. M-Sheria is brought to you by Trika kenya limited The “M” signifies mobile centric as this product is operated entirely from your mobile phone. It will not be accessible through any bank  branch but your handset. All you need is your handset and to be registered .There are no forms or additional documents required for you to sign up to M-Sheria.

M-Sheria is a suite of banking products that are offered to all network customers via their handset to enhance the mobile  value proposition. With M-Sheria, one has access to Deposit  monthly assurance fee and access cash bail of different range.


Annual M-sheria Premiums:

Premium  Duration Cover
Kshs 200  1 month Kshs 20,000
Kshs 1000 6 months Kshs 20,000
Kshs 2000 1 year Kshs 20,000
Your choice amount/ 10 1 year Your choice amount i.e. (1,000,000)


*Upon payment of your premium your account will automatically be activated and be able to access cash bail


All payments to be made through mpesa paybilll number 942351

*On account number fill in your id number